Only 24% of the workforce within the UK private security sector is female, and only 6% of the workforce in the UK drone sector is female.

TLP Ltd. are drone security specialists, pioneering the way forward with drone security solutions to reduce risk and cost to our clients – this pioneering approach to reducing risk and cost is what made me first join TLP Ltd.

I’m Samantha, and I have been working in Operational Support for TLP Ltd., when I was given the opportunity by the company to become a drone pilot, my answer was yes – without a doubt or second thought!

This blog aims to highlight my journey from flying a desk to flying drones, and working frontline delivering TLP Ltd. drone security and public safety solutions for our clients.

As well as aligning how our training for frontline staff enables us to deliver our services for our clients safely and effectively, the blog will also highlight both the enjoyable aspects of my role and training, as well as the challenges that can come from working in two male-dominated sectors.

If you have any questions about my blog or our services here at TLP Ltd., please do email me.

Blog Post Two.  Thursday 1st April.

It’s been two weeks since my first blog post, and what a two weeks it has been!  My training as a Commercial Drone Pilot for TLP Ltd. is in addition to my normal duties within Operational Support, which recently has been focusing on preparing for our first accreditation audit at the end of March – and there is some exciting news to come!

We all have different styles of learning, and to be honest I much prefer being in a classroom, learning through the interactivity of a tutor and fellow students.  That said, the online learning with Coptrz is absolutely brilliant!  It is a mix of module learning, videos, and quizzes to test your knowledge as you progress towards your theory exam.  I am now nearly halfway through my theory learning, and have covered everything from ground and air risk assessments; aviation law; Civil Aviation Authority regulations; weather management; to name but a few of the modules I have completed.  This theory work is the foundations of ensuring that when we are working with our clients, our in-depth training means that we can operate safely and reduce risk for our clients and members of the public.  It is more than just about removing risk, we are professionals, and for TLP Ltd. being  safe and competent sits at the core of our values – and this training from Coptrz will help me deliver these values.  That is why we at TLP Ltd. fully support ‘Operation Foreverwing’, the new initiative from the Civil Aviation Authority and National Police Chiefs Council ( https://dronesaferegister.org.uk/blog/drone-safe-register-welcomes-increased-enforcement-surrounding-drone-crime ).  ‘Operation Foreverwing’ is tackling the issue of rogue drone pilots, to put this into context in the last five months there have been 336 drone crimes where drone pilots have failed to abide by the rules and regulations – this includes Commercial Drone Pilots.  There is good and bad in every profession, and one thing I have enjoyed about working in Operational Support is the public engagement, talking to people about the safe use of drones.  As Commercial Drone Pilots (and as trainee’s) we are in a unique position to help people be safer drone pilots, and I am definitely looking forward to sharing the knowledge that I am currently learning with our clients and members of the public.

What is business efficiency?  Do you wait for something to go wrong in your business before you correct it?  Part of my training during these past two weeks has been to take part in table-top exercise’s, these exercises involve being given a training scenario and for me to explain what I would do or could be doing in that scenario.  My trainer then adds in the “what if”, these what if’s have included what if there was a fire on the drone; what if the drone stops responding to the controller; what if there is an air incursion – and these were only a few of the what if’s I was given.  I was absolutely exhausted at the end of my first tabletop exercise as the what if’s kept coming constantly, making you change what you planned on doing, to deal with the ‘what if’.  I have always understood business efficiency, but having had an introduction to thinking “what if” something goes wrong before it does, will definitely make me a more competent Commercial Drone Pilot – as well as giving me skills that will enhance my work within Operational Support.

Blog Post One.  Tuesday 16th March 2021.

Welcome to my first blog post! My first, but fun challenge this week was being issued all my uniform, kit, and PPE.  Staff welfare and comfort is always paramount within TLP Ltd., that said though trying to fit the female form into personal protective equipment designed predominately for the male species was certainly ‘interesting’.

Working in Operational Support for TLP Ltd. I have always had oversight of our ‘Flight Deployment Packs’, these are packs that we build for each of our drone flights, within these packs are our: initial assessments for our clients; pre and on-site risk assessments; and mapping.  What I never truly understood was how safe we keep our clients and the wider public during a drone flight, it is going to be a steep learning curve learning all the Civil Aviation Authority regulations and how our internal policies marry up with these regulations.

I have also had the chance to log on to my learning account with our trusted training provider Coptrz for my  ‘GVC A2 C of C’ course, translated, this is the qualification I need to be a Commercial Drone Pilot in the UK.  I have started on module one (always a good place to start), and it’s got a nice feel and learning style – definitely lots of studying required though to enable me to become a safe and competent Drone Pilot.

From my online learning and preparation for my flight test with Coptrz through to learning our internal polices, I certainly have an element of fear about the amount of studying ahead of me.  However, I relish the opportunity to work in this sector, drawing on my own experience of building start-up businesses – this fear is conquerable!