Drone Security Threat Assessment

So you need security or security measures installed – but where do you need them?

Have you considered a ‘Drone Security Threat Assessment’?

Our Drone Security Threat Assessment assess the threat from criminality or activists who want to cause your business harm, whether that be theft, criminal damage, illegal raves or occupation. By identifying the threat and areas of weaknesses (or potential areas of weaknesses), you are then able to focus your security budget and resources where they are needed.

Why does my business or land need a TLP Ltd. Drone Security Threat Assessment?

With individual company budgets getting tighter and criminals getting more security savvy, understanding where to place security features, what areas need securing, through to what surrounds your land or business and how that could impact your security has never been more important. Providing a strong visible deterrent to criminality is one aspect we can help you achieve with a Drone Security Threat Assessment, the second aspect is being able to ensure the measures you put in place to secure your business enable potential  'lines of enquiry’ for Police to investigate should you become a victim of crime.

What is involved with a TLP Ltd. Drone Security Threat Assessment?

We have built our own risk assessment following consultation with risk and insurance specialists.  In addition to our market testing and consultation we have also incorporated the requirements of the 'Initial Stages of investigation' as defined by The College of Policing, into the building of the risk assessment scoring.  On completion of your Drone Security Threat Assessment, you will be given a report that details whether your threat level from criminality is Low; Medium; or High; and which side of your site or business that threat level applies to.  The report also provides a breakdown as to how and why that threat level has been decided.

After you have made improvements to your security following your Drone Security Threat Assessment, we offer a penetration test where we conduct your Drone Security Threat Assessment again to identify whether the security measures you have made have reduced your risk score.  As when your original Drone Security Threat Assessment was completed, you will be given a report detailing the risk levels, and how that scoring has been decided.  Because we don't sell security measures or security guarding services, we are completely impartial, and only influenced by intelligence and whether the security measures you have implemented have reduced your risk score.  This method is particularly useful when you present to your Insurance company what your threat level was from criminality, and how the new security measures you have put in place have reduced your threat level.

Why use drones to do my Security Threat Assessment?

Our Drone Security Threat Assessment can be completed often in half the time of a conventional assessment.  We also use the drones to assess the areas surrounding your business or site, to identify how those factors may impact your security.

Who uses this service – can it help my business?

If it is of value to you then it is definitely of value to criminals, and our Drone Security Threat Assessment can help protect what's important to you.

From Construction Sites; Vacant Land; Equipment Stores; Network Hubs; and critical Infrastructure locations; our Drone Security Threat Assessment can be applied to all situations.

Criminals are using drones to commit crime.

Why wait for criminals to use drones and identify what they can steal from you?