Drone Security Support

Drone Security Support can help you and your workforce.

What is ‘Drone Security Support’?

‘Drone Security Support’ is a flexible solution to meet your needs, whether it is a single incident, a festival, or more regular support.  Our Drone Security Support can work either with your in house security team or independently to meet your specific needs.

How can ‘Drone Security Support’ help me and my workforce?

We understand protecting your workforce in an increasingly unstable and volatile climate is a major challenge.  Our Drone Security Support can provide a live downlink from the drone to either your staff on the ground or a control room, enabling key personnel to see in real-time what the situation on the ground is and enable you to risk assess accordingly.

If you save time you save money, if you save money you save time – and our Drone Security Support is the tool to make this happen. Whether you deploy Drone Security Support into a single incident or long term project, our drone presence provides a strong visible deterrent to criminals and activists; we can patrol areas in 30 minutes that on foot could take up to two hours; we can help you change your static guards to a quick reaction force responding to incidents as they happen as opposed to deploying them in potential areas of risk.

TLP Ltd is unique in its capabilities as we have a risk assessment tool approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, which enables us to deploy drones in immediate critical situations, meaning that on arriving at a scene we can have the drone deployed on average in 5 minutes – protecting your staff and your client's assets.

Public Safety.

There are many definitions of Public Safety, what we recognise is each Public Safety event or incident has different risks and requirements, the main objective is always though to safeguard persons from danger, threats, or from the potential of harm to occur. Our skills and experience in drone security, threat analysis, and risk management, make TLP Ltd the perfect organisation to help you manage your Public Safety event or incident.

Whether it is managing illegal raves; or ensuring the safety of persons and staff during an eviction; whatever Public Safety event or incident your planning, we can work with you in support of your operations.

Is there anything ‘Drone Security Support’ can’t help us with?

Our capabilities and experience mean we can deploy in nearly every situation, why not give us a call, or drop us an email and talk to us about what it is your wanting ‘Drone Security Support’ to do for you.