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Drones disrupting flights and posing security breaches are increasingly being reported.

Counter Drone Defence in the private sector has recently been described as the new arms race, with new drones; software; makes and models; jamming their signals or electronically intercepting them becomes increasingly difficult.

The Civil Aviation Authority and the Health & Safety executive have strict regulations about objects falling uncontrollably from the sky, making physical contact with drones in flight is fraught with almost unacceptable risks.

If you have responsibility for security and safety at:

• Prisons.
• Airports.
• Secure Hospitals.
• Sensitive Infrastructure Sites.

What are your options then, when considering Counter Drone Defence against rogue drones?

The safest and most effective method in countering rogue drone attacks is to locate the potential launch site and the rogue drone operator.

Using our knowledge of drone operations and our extensive security background.  Our ‘Rogue TLAP' (Take Off & Landing Point) service, maps out the potential launch sites of rogue drones and their operators around your airport; business; or secure facility. The benefit of this service to you is:

• The ability for you to deploy your security services, or directing emergency services to the most likely point where a rogue drone has been launched from.
• A safe and effective method to bring rogue drones back to the ground.
• Reduce Financial losses due to disruption to your business. The short- and long-term implications of a rogue drone preventing your daily operations or impacting your reputation, can spiral very quickly out of control.

Talk to us today, about how our ‘Rogue TLAP’ service
can benefit your company and reputation.

Below are two edited examples, of what our 'Rogue TLAP' product looks like for our clients:

CDD Airport
CDD Prison