Counter Drone Defence Mapping

Are you worried about rogue drones affecting your security and impacting your business?

TLP Ltd. provide a ‘Counter Drone Defence Mapping’ service to address this problem.

Our Counter Drone Defence Mapping service is about reducing the risk from a rogue drone:

  • Disrupting your business workflow.
  • Negatively affecting the safety of your staff, including those you may be additionally responsible for.
  • Delivering contraband or suspect packages into your secure area.

How does TLP Ltd. Counter Drone Defence Mapping service work?

We map your location; reverse engineer the principles of drone capabilities and normal safe flying principles; and map the most likely launch site locations to your premise.

What is the value of ‘Counter Drone Defence Mapping’?

As opposed to electronic countermeasures, TLP Ltd. Counter Drone Defence Mapping service targets the rogue drone operator.  Identifying where that rogue drone operator is situated is key to stopping repeated rogue drone attacks, if you only stop or intercept the drone in flight, that rogue drone operator will keep returning and targeting your business.

With Police resources overstretched and your security resources already committed, where do you send what limited resources you have to target the rogue drone operator?  TLP Ltd. Counter Drone Defence Mapping service identifies the most likely launch site of the rogue drone.  This then enables you to narrow down a wide area to search to several key points where you can deploy your security resources to.

We already have electronic countermeasures; do we need anything else?

Electronic countermeasures predominantly work to prevent a rogue drone from entering the airspace above your premises.  With the advances in drone technology and organised crime groups altering the coding of drones, electronic countermeasures do not always work, and certainly don’t prevent images from being obtained of your premise with long-range cameras.

What type of business can benefit from a TLP Ltd. Counter Drone Defence Mapping service?

Whether you’re a secure facility such as a Prison; Detention Facility; Immigration Centre; or Category A Suite; our Counter Drone Defence Mapping service is uniquely suited to the threats these locations are at risk from.

Apart from secure facilities, the Counter Drone Defence Mapping service can protect airports; key infrastructure sites such as water treatment works and National Grid locations; as well as businesses testing new products and innovations outdoors, where information obtained by a rogue drone would give their competitors a market edge.